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10 US Destinations for the Perfect American Honeymoon

10 US Destinations for the Perfect American Honeymoon 

Looking for an awesome, yet incredibly romantic way to start your married life? Then an American honeymoon is the way to go!

Why choose the U.S.

USA: a place at the forefront of technology and time

The U.S. is one of the largest countries in the world. Most of the time on TV and in TV shows we see truly amazing places and people living at the forefront of future innovation.

Indeed, what makes this country special is that everything is developed and quality. You’ll get to know the latest technology, whether it’s home appliances or automation.

In addition, you will find the biggest infrastructure in the world: big highways, big buildings, big universities, huge skyscrapers like in New York, etc. In short, this country is the perfect place for anyone who wants to see the world in a big way.

USA: breathtaking scenery

Another reason you should make the United States your vacation destination is its diverse landscape. Traveling around the country from north to south and east to west, you’ll encounter landscapes so different that you’ll always feel like you’re changing countries.

USA: a place where you can have a change of scenery

The United States has nothing to envy other countries in terms of the wealth of fauna and flora. Indeed, the country abounds with unique biodiversity, marked by huge forests where you can find many species of fauna of the planet.

Paradise beaches and spectacular waterfalls make it the perfect place for a change of scenery. You’ll do lots of fun and sporting activities that will help you get back in great shape.

The U.S. is also the perfect place for a historic and unforgettable vacation. Its iconic monuments and tourist attractions will allow everyone to enjoy moments of relaxation and recreation with the utmost comfort.

Top 10 Places to spend Honeymoon

 Covering dry deserts, covered by snow-capped mountains and exclusive beaches with beautiful blue waters, these 10 honeymoon destinations in the U.S. are all about what you might have been thinking about. Give it a go!

New York in New York City.

Famous for being the most romantic city in the U.S., it’s just the right place to experience an American honeymoon. If you’ re after a social enchantment, gourmet restaurants, scenic attractions, or nightclubs, this city has plenty of great choices. In the end, it”s not mentioned as “the city that never sleeps” without a reason!

Best For

 couples looking for trendy nightlife, the best museums and restaurants in the world!

The most romantic sights in New York City

Brooklyn Bridge

If there is such a thing as “industrial romance,” then surely the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City is a shining embodiment of it. Needless to say, even the famous poet Vladimir Mayakovsky dedicated his poem to the Brooklyn Bridge.

Examples of romantic photographs taken at the Brooklyn Bridge

The top of the Empire State Building

It is every tourist’s dream to climb the Empire State Building. Some time ago guests could see amazing views of the city only from the 86th floor, but now you can go up to the 102nd floor!

The 102nd floor observation deck is covered but it is 16 stories higher and offers incredible views of the city, you can see all the bridges of New York and Manhattan Island.

But the photos are better from the observation deck on the 86th floor

Central Park

There are nearly 20,000 different varieties of trees in Central Park, including oak, elm, cherry, maple, and many more. This diversity makes the park one of the most attractive places to enjoy golden fall without leaving New York City in the fall.

Central Park Reservoir was built for the city’s temporary water supply in the 1860s. Now it is one of the best places in the park to enjoy fall. The Lake – The fiery colors of Central Park’s trees enhance the romance of the park in the fall, and there are few places on the lake more romantic than Bow Bridge.

Popular attractions in New York

 Have lunch at the Central Park Leb boathouse, visit Grand Central Station, the Statue of Liberty, the American Museum of Natural History, and store in the West Village & SoHo area.

The most romantic places to stay in New York City

  • The Pierre
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Four Seasons Hotel New York

Tips to Visit: Fall (September to November)

Kauai in Hawaii

Not only is Kauai the most interesting and alluring vacation spot, it is also one of the great honeymoon destinations in the United States. From exploring pristine beaches or exploring nature trails to excursions to the island’s national park, you will surely have something to keep you busy on your honeymoon.

Ideal For: Couples who like to be outdoors.

Most romantic sights

Kalalau Valley

The first few miles of the Kalalau trail lead through a maze of roots, rock slabs, and slippery mud. It goes up, almost into the sky, then down, following the jagged terrain (na pali just means cliffs). Wild Hawaiian chickens run along the road… Active and romantic.

 Tunnel Beach

The snorkeling is incredible – the reef is home to lots of beautiful fish, and there are almost always turtle! In addition to snorkeling the backside of the beach is great for body surfing in the waves and playing in the sand. The mountains make a great background. Just don’t forget your sunscreen

 Poipu Beach

Very unusual beach in the sense that it is fancied for recreation, not only people and wild chickens with roosters, but seals with cubs, big scoopers specially come here to lay eggs.

Hanalei Pier

One of the many places in Hawaii where you can see a very beautiful and unusual sunset. Especially after it rains!

Popular activities

  • Relax on the beaches
  • climb to the Kilauea Lighthouse
  • stroll the Na Pali
  • hike the Waimea Canyon.

Most romantic places to stay

  • Sheraton Kauai Resort
  • Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort Spa Hotel
  • Whalers Cove Resort.

Tips to Visit: If you want to enjoy your vacation and save as much money as possible, come between September and November or April to June.

Savannah, Georgia

Planning your trip to Savannah will turn your honeymoon in America into something amazing!

This southern city with a rich history is imbued with a purely southern spirit. Impressive music festivals, gourmet cuisine, lavish manor houses and stunning parks make it the perfect honeymoon destination in the United States.

Ideal for: Couples looking for everything from luxury items to immersive experiences.

Most romantic attractions

Forsyth Park

Savannah’s calling card, a beautiful park that is over 150 years old. Shady alleys, a beautiful fountain, lawns and picturesque paths, greatly embellish this beautiful city. A great place to end your walk through the historic district.


A beautiful restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. It’s everything you need! Great food, great atmosphere and great service!

Beaches of Tybee

These places are best for beaches in Tybee Island: Tybee Island Beach,  North Beach, Savannah River Beach, Back River Beach, Mid Beach.

Popular activities

  • outdoor shopping
  • Tybee sunset
  • segway or carriage rides
  • museums.

Most romantic places to stay

  • Gastonistas
  • Azalea Inn & Villas
  • Kehoe House.

Tips to Visit: If you are looking for an inexpensive honeymoon, head here in the fall, from mid-September to mid-November.

Las vegas, nevada

In addition to bachelor parties and entertainment, Sin City can please you with other entertainment. From luxury apartments to exclusive resorts, imagine this and you will definitely see it. Rest assured, Vegas will do the trick! Travel day or night, but if you are in this city, you will have the most incredible honeymoon in America!

Ideal for: Couples looking for an inexpensive but fun honeymoon!

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Most romantic sights

The Strip

Las Vegas Strip is the heart of the city and the main street of the city, its length is about 7 kilometers. It is here where all the most luxurious hotels and famous casinos are located. The imagination of the architects who created the main street is exuberant and boundless, a copy of the Eiffel Tower, a huge pyramid of black glass, the Sphinx and the Brooklyn Bridge coexist here, but despite this, all the buildings on the Strip look harmonious.

Bellagio Fountains

Every evening the fountain gives a magnificent performance, causing delight and admiration to all who are at that time on the shore of the artificial lake. To the mesmerizing singing of Andrea Bocelli, Frank Sinatra and Pavarotti, the crystal jets of water soar upwards and intertwine in a fanciful dance.

Valley of Fire

Valley of Fire State Park is only an hour’s drive from the spectacular Las Vegas Strip and is an attraction for all those tired of the restless rhythm of Sin City. A day trip away from nature and away from the bustling city is a popular pastime for residents and visitors alike. And here the Valley of Fire has two main competitors: Death valley and Grand Canyon. Only it is farther to go to these parks, and there are many more people. So the modest in size but stunningly beautiful Valley of Fire State Park is highly recommended.

Popular Activities:

  • Take a stroll down Fremont Street
  • fly the SlotZilla Zip Line
  • have a drink
  • get a massage for a couple.

The most romantic places to stay

  • Bellagio Hotel and Casino
  • JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & SpaParis Las Vegas.

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Tips to Visit: March to May and September to November.

Jackson Hole in Wyoming

Situated in a picturesque valley between the Gros Ventre and Teton ranges, this beautiful Wyoming city is literally the Switzerland of the United States. You will find yourself in an amazing world of bliss after spending an amazing honeymoon!

Ideal for: Couples seeking relaxation in the natural surroundings.

Most romantic attractions

Grand Teton National Park

At the entrance do not miss the observation deck, the place is very well chosen, the view is one of the best. Also, do not be lazy to wander along the roads going into the depths. In general, local people go there for hiking. But even by car there is something to see. A lot of bears. You will almost certainly come across at least one. Look at the cars standing near the road-is a sure sign that the animals are nearby. In general, the crowd of 20 cars will gather to see a bear, and there is excitement. The visitor center has a good selection of souvenirs and magnets and a small museum.

 Snow King Mountain

The mountain above the city. In winter the ski slope, in summer there are several hiking trails on top. Beautiful view of the city and the valley around. There is a rope park.

 Snake River

A very beautiful river called the snake river. It is beautiful and long and flows along the park. You can fish in it, which the people around you do with pleasure.

Popular Activities

  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Fly Fishing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Tram Travel to Corbett’s Cottage

Most romantic places to stay

  • Four Seasons Jackson Hole Resort
  • Amangani Resort
  • Spring Creek Ranch.

Tips to Visit: April, May, September and October for great discounts and escape the crowds.

San Francisco, California

This is a great honeymoon destination in America – a gorgeous city on the bay. With so many attractions, luxury restaurants, cable cars and beautiful Victorian mansions, you won’t be bored while you are here!

Ideal for: couples looking for good weather.

Most romantic sights

the Golden Gate Bridge

It’s worth driving over this bridge, and if you can, it’s better to cross it on foot. But you have to be prepared for strong gusts of wind. If you ride on the second floor of the bus, you should wear a hat.

This bridge is especially beautiful during sunset. Buy yourself a ticket for a boat or ferry from San Francisco to Sausalito or back during sunset. You’ll understand. why this bridge is Golden – the sun colors it with gold and red!!!

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Union Square

Union Square is a square in downtown San Francisco . Here are the largest department stores, boutiques, souvenir stores, and art galleries. It is one of the main shopping areas in the world. Numerous hotels and theaters bring many people here. In the center of Union Square is a monument to Admiral Dewey – a column with a statue of the Goddess of Victory Nike.

Underneath the square is an underground parking garage. Free Wi-Fi is a nice bonus. There are painted heart sculptures in each of the four corners of the square. Each year, the sculptures are auctioned off and new sculptures are installed in their place. Union Square is a popular shopping destination. The cable car runs past Union Square to Powell Street.

 Coit Tower

The fire tower is about 60 meters high and is located on Telegraph Hill in Pioneer Park. It was built in the 1930s, but was not used for its intended purpose, and has become one of the tourist attractions because of the beautiful views from its observation deck.

It’s a great vantage point where you can see the whole city, the bay, the bridges, and Alcatraz. It’s best to arrive by opening time, there’s less of a line for the elevator. While climbing the elevator wap will not get bored a very friendly elevator lady. There is a bus to the tower for those who can not climb the mountain.

Popular entertainment

  • dine in Willow
  • taste ice cream
  • conquer the Twin Peaks
  • ride the cable car
  • visit the Golden Gate Park

Most romantic places to stay

  • Mandarin Oriental Hotel
  • Omni San Francisco Hotel
  • St. Regis San Francisco.

Tips to Visit: September – November

Homer, Alaska.

Homer is the most amazing honeymoon destination in America! Surrounded by snow-capped mountain peaks, shining glaciers, powerful slopes and the blue waters of Kachemaka Bay, this place will surely captivate you!

Ideal for: Couples looking for an interesting and rejuvenating honeymoon at the same time.

Most romantic attractions

Bishops Beach

It’s just awesome because of the tide – the pool, you can find cool shells, rocks, and if you’re lucky young octopus! There is a lot of dry wet sand which makes it very easy to walk around. Great fun for the kids, running or just enjoying the day! Grab a coffee and or snack at Two Sisters and then head down to the beach for a guaranteed great day!

Pratt Museum

A very small local history museum, which will also tell you about the history of the settlement of Homer. And about all the wildlife that lives here. The museum turns out to be interesting. There are also stuffed grizzlies. There are stories about the storms that were there, about oil pollution from tanker crashes. If you have time you have to go there.  And the nature around is beautiful.

The Alaska Marine National Wildlife Refuge

The Alaska Marine National Wildlife Refuge is an area of immense proportions and greatest events. The reserve is 4.9 million acres and includes grasslands, islands, glaciers, active volcanoes. Here, in the deserted hollows, the remains of the Second World War are gradually rusting, and nearby there are huge forests of kelp, in which life flows. The area has long been a refuge and has experienced some of the most impressive wildlife conservation stories in our country’s history.

Carl E Wynn Nature Center

Very scenic area, clean lodge with a really enthusiastic and competent staff member. Pleasant walks through the grounds

Popular entertainment

  • exploring Kachemaka Bay and Khalibut Bay
  • kayaking excursions
  • water taxi rides
  • watching a bear from a helicopter

Most romantic places to stay

  • the luxurious Pearson’s Pond Inn and Adventure Spa
  • Sheraton Anchorage Spa
  • Fairfield Inn & Suites Anchorage Midtown.

Tips to Visit: May to mid-August

Sedona in Arizona

If red-brown mountains, artistic ambiance, and whirlpools are what grabs your attention, then this is the place for you to enjoy your American honeymoon. To make the most of your holiday in this desert oasis, just book Creekside Cottage and sleep under the stars!

Ideal for: Couples looking for a desert getaway.

Most Romantic Attractions

Oak Creek Canyon

If you love nature and also to escape the heat is very necessary, then this is where you want to go.  There is a small market of Indian trinkets along the way. There are great views from time to time, but the trail generally takes about 3.5 hours.

Cathedral Rock

The ascent will take you an average of 2 hours. It is not very difficult. There are, of course, a couple of places where you have to climb, but I think even children can do it. Be sure to take water. As a reward, you will see amazing views! Huge Rock is like a huge temple. From a distance it doesn’t look that huge, but when you get closer the size is impressive. It makes you want to climb in and climb out …..

Bell Rock

Bell Rock or Bell Mountain is definitely worth a visit. There is a viewing platform near the foot of the mountain, equipped with a toilet (it is free). We recommend visiting it at sunset, which is the time to experience the whole palette of colors. A good view of it from the church of the Holy Cross. By the way if you look carefully you can see a lot of bizarre figures on the mountain itself. The head of an eagle and others made by nature.

Holy Cross Chapel

It is very unexpected to see such a church in the mountains. Usually it is a monastery, harmoniously merging with the silhouette of the mountains, or even a church in a cave, but here – a modern building in the red mountains! Inside is ascetic, but that is not the main thing. Very beautiful road to the church. The views are amazing. You can take incredible pictures and admire the views.

Popular Activities

  • Hiking
  • cycling
  • horseback riding
  • art galleries
  • jeep rides through Oak Creek

Most romantic places to stay

  • Hilton Sedona At Bell Rock
  • Sedona Real Inn & Suites
  • Orchards Inn Of Sedona.

Tips to Visit: March to May and September to November.

Aspen, Colorado

Aspen is picturesque like a flawless canvas. With its ski center places among mountains, this city is certainly one of the best to spend a honeymoon.

Ideal for: Adventure-hungry couples and a amazing honeymoon.

Most romantic sights

Maroon Bells

You have to go to the Maroon bells. You can get there on your own, but it’s very convenient to take a shuttle. Take the free bus from Ruby park station in downtown Aspen and then take the bus to Maroon bells (you can get an $8 per person ticket there at Ruby park).

The beauty is breathtaking, of course. You can walk around the lake, or you can hike the trails. When choosing a trail you need to calculate the strength and degree of preparedness. For example, the trail on Crater lake is uphill, in many places a rocky, narrow trail, 1.4 miles in one direction (and then return, though downhill).

Aspen Mountain

This ski complex is located right in Aspen, if your hotel is within walking distance, it’s very convenient. It is equipped with different elevators, including a gondola. There is a restaurant upstairs, so to speak, fast food and a bar, you can eat well in a ski atmosphere with a great view and keep warm. Especially want to note that there are no green slopes, at all, it should be considered by beginner skiers. The pistes themselves are of excellent quality, not once did not encounter any rocks or ice.

It is a very worthy resort! The slopes are the envy of even Courchevel, not only the experienced skier/snowboarder will like it, but the beginners will also have a place to ride.

Independence Pass

Independence Pass, strictly speaking, cannot be called a completely wild place – the highway is excellent, there are many signs and good road markings.The pass itself seems remarkable – a frozen lake, the snow around does not want to melt. The views on the way are marvelous! Snow-covered tops, quick river, pine and fir trees, groves of white aspen trees, patches of yellow foliage (Indian summer, though), and blue, no, piercingly blue sky, dramatic clouds!

Popular activities

  • sledding
  • snowshoeing
  • rafting
  • paragliding
  • hiking
  • snowmobiling.

Most romantic places to stay

  • St. Regis Aspen Resort
  • Little Nell Residences
  • Aspen Meadows Resort.

Tips to Visit: December – February

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington, on the shores of Lake Champlain, is a vibrant and culturally rich lakeside city with the best conditions for a great holiday on your American honeymoon. Visit this city if green farms, tranquil lakes and lovely homes can make you feel good and enjoy great weather at any time of the year.

Ideal for: Couples looking for an English style honeymoon and beach holiday.

The most romantic attractions

 Lake Champlain

Interesting and refreshing activities to break up a long trip. You can get a ferry about 20 – 25 miles north of Burlington, Vermont, and for about $20 for a family of four you can head to Plattsburgh! There is no reservation required, and during rush hours they run in about every 15 – minutes. Try to become boarders while its nice and sunny outside, so, you can take off and enjoy the fresh air! Same for local drives – much better and desirable during daylight hours.

the Robert Hull Fleming Museum

The museum is small with two floors and maybe about 8 large rooms for interaction. There was a special screen on the first floor, plus a good selection of photography. There is a small but representative sampling of art throughout the museum with al periods so something for everyone. Definitely worth a visit.Tip: There is plenty of visitor parking right next to the museum. Buy a ticket inside.

Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park is a great way to enjoy Lake Champlain and the beauty they offer. There are lots of open fields, a walking path, benches, swings, and more. It is a very relaxing place to go and also a good place to ride your bike.

There is free parking available in certain lots and even a bus that runs to it. Be sure to take advantage of the area. You can admire the beautiful lake and mountains on the horizon, as well as the expensive yachts moored.

Popular Activities

  • Stop by Church Street Market
  • go on a tour of the Magic Hat Brewing Company
  • watch the sunset on the waterfront

The most romantic places to stay

  • Hilton Burlington
  • Made INN Vermont
  • Urban-Chic Boutique HoteL
  • Sheraton Burlington Hotel.

Best Time to Visit: May to September, when the city’s festival schedule starts and the greenery is blooming.

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