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Alcohol in the big city

Alcohol in the big city 

About alcohol. In New York, this is Good, as if you don’t need to take. Tourists bring, as a gift, tricky vodka, exclusive wines of Russian distilleries, but we also have enough of them at reasonable prices. Cannedy airport duty free prices are comparable to liquor stores in Manhattan. By the way, wine and beer can be bought in “pharmacies”, according to ours in “pharmacy”, where they sell not only medicine for the body, in the form of aspirin, but also for the soul, in the form of a bottle of wine for $ 6-8. California wines are in no way inferior to European ones, the vine is in any case from there, but the earth and climate, according to many tasters, make them not only different, but also better.

Well, again, this is from the category, to whom the mare is the bride.

It is prohibited to consume alcoholic beverages, starting from beer, in public places. And the point. Gone are the days when, wrapped in a paper bag, you could walk the streets of New York and suck beer. I do not even remember when it turned into a violation, 10-12 years ago? Today, you can not use either on the beach or on the street, Nowhere. In 3 meters from the drinking establishment, with a bottle, a glass, you risk getting a fine of $ 125. If you really want to go up to the observation deck and drink champagne or red, pour the liquid into a bottle of sprite or cola, depending on from color, as we locals do. But only H2O (water) is allowed in the crown of the Statue of Liberty.

PS Next time I want to try clear alcohol in a bottle from under water (tourists wanted to celebrate the ascent))

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