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Amusement Park “Belmont”

Amusement Park “Belmont” 

Amusement Park “Belmont” (San Diego, USA) – detailed description, address and photo. Reviews of tourists about the best entertainment in San Diego.

Belmont Amusement Park is a historical park in the Mission Bay area that was founded by sugar tycoon John Spreckels and opened in 1925 as a Mission Beach entertainment center. Last but not least, when creating the park, Spreckels pursued the goal of selling a plot of land in Mission Beach, but at the same time the tycoon and brought San Diego a lot of pleasure and benefit.

Located on the beach, the park welcomes millions of guests every year. Even the rides and roller coasters that were installed here in 1925 have survived in “Belmont” – in particular, the “Giant Bucket”, a roller coaster that is included in the National Register of Historic Places. Or The Plunge indoor swimming pool.

Other attractions in the park include the three-story Tilt-A-Whirl, the Liberty Carousel, a sports club and grill bar overlooking the ocean. With the latter, there are pools with artificial waves: the larger, Flow Barrel, reaches 2.5 m; the second, Flow Rider, is slightly smaller. From time to time there are concerts in the bar and flowriding competitions in the pool.

There are many roller coasters, but the Flow Barrel mechanism, which is installed here, is the only one in the United States.

The park’s newest rides, delivered in the 2010s, are the Sky Ropes obstacle course and the Octotron slides. In addition, Belmont has a Crazy Submarine, an electric car deck, Lazy River, a laser pistol battleground and a golf course. And about eight restaurants and cafes.

In the historic pool, The Plunge, you can see the “Whale Wall” mural by artist Wieland, depicting the Point Loma killer whales.

Flow Barrel Restaurant, opened in the 2000s, is located right on the beach; there are palm trees, sun loungers, tents and other California beach paraphernalia. The institution has become a full-fledged attraction in the park and one of its main attractions. After all, there are many roller coasters, but the Flow Barrel that is installed here is the only one in the United States. With its help, the artificial likeness of a high wave that is closest to the original is achieved. Even Olympic gold medalists admit that there is nothing better for learning to surf – except the ocean, of course.

Practical information

Address: 3146 Mission Blvd.

Opening hours: from 11:00 to 23:00 (some attractions close earlier).

Entrance: entrance to the park is free, you pay only for entertainment. A ticket for using all the rides for one day (when purchased on the official website of the park) for visitors above 122 cm – 56 USD (53 USD online), for visitors below 122 cm – 46 USD (43 USD online).

Web site.

The prices on the page are for June 2020.

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