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City of Hundred Bells – Montreal

City of Hundred Bells – Montreal 

Some seasoned tourists agree that Montreal is a reserve of French culture of the 17-19 centuries, untouched by European cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism. The old town, located on the banks of the picturesque St. Lawrence River, perfectly demonstrates the charm of France, transported to another continent. The only mountain on a relatively flat relief was named by the discoverer of New France Jacques Cartier “Royal”, which in French sounds like “Mont Royal”. This euphonious name of the hill gave the name to the city of Montreal that was formed at its foot.

Old Montreal

Like any other city, Montreal has its so-called downtown or old city, a historical area, a starting point for urban planning and the development of the cultural heritage of its citizens. Such areas attract many tourists with their authenticity and historical value of all architectural structures and monuments. Like many cities in France during the conquest of the American continent, urban planning in Montreal was based on gray stone for buildings and cobblestones. The old town includes must-see points for a tourist sightseeing:

  • Place d’Arm;
  • Town Hall;
  • Old customs;
  • Basilica of Notre Dame.

The main visiting card of the city and a must-see point for visitors to Montreal is its Town hall and Old customs… The striking majestic architecture of the city hall is amazing and takes us from a modern American city to the distant times of the eighteenth century European cities.

canada montreal town hall

Place d’Arm

Famous Place d’Arm is in close proximity to city ​​hall and Cathedral of Notre Dame… Today it is the most visited place in Montreal, which hosts up to five million tourists annually. The square is a national cultural monument and is included in the mandatory excursion programs. Many architectural masterpieces and cozy restaurants are compactly located here, where any tourist can comfortably sit at a table of an outdoor cafe and feel the fullness of French charm on the American continent.

Basilica of Notre Dame

To the great disappointment of many tourists, this beautiful cathedral has nothing in common, except for the name, with the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. This tourist point has become a must on all excursion routes. The rich interior decoration and the architectural masterpiece of the exterior attract more than two and a half thousand tourists every day. The two towers on the facade of the building give the cathedral its recognizability and have their own names “Persistence” and “Restraint”. The bell tower of the basilica is equipped with an equally famous bell, the weight of which exceeds eleven tons, making a ringing that can be heard within a radius of fifteen kilometers. Another name that you can find in travel guides is Cathedral of Our Lady of Montreal

Notre Dame Montreal Canada


Not to be confused Cathedral of Our Lady of Montreal (Basilica of Notre Dame) from Temple of Notre Dame de Bon Secourt… A distinctive feature of this unique cathedral is its altar, on which, contrary to popular Christian tradition, there are not statues of saints, but the noses of ships, or rather, figures that adorned the noses of ships of the conquerors of North America in the eighteenth century.

Bonsecourt market

Indoor building for uninformed tourist Bonsecourt market may seem like a noble mansion or palace, but this two-story building was erected in the nineteenth century precisely as a trading platform. The market got its name from the neighboring Cathedral of Notre Dame de Bon Secourt… Today it is the most expensive shopping center in Montreal, which houses many cozy jewelry and souvenir boutiques and restaurants.

Montreal photos

Habitat 67

If you are tired of the architecture of the colonial European style of the 18-19 centuries, a unique residential complex will help you to diversify and please the eye with the peculiar delights of urban planning. Habitat 67, built in a peculiar style of brutalism. This house has become a visiting card not only of Montreal, but of the whole of Canada. The structure consists of 354 cubes, as if unconnected with each other and hanging over the space in a chaotic manner. The complex consists of 146 apartments, the residents of which, according to the architects’ plan, were to experience all the advantages of a private cottage, being part of an apartment building. The construction of the house was timed to coincide with the 1967 Montreal World’s Fair and was supposed to personify affordable housing, however, the extraordinary form of the structure and the worldwide fame of the house inflated the prices of apartments in it, leveling all the economy of the idea.

Habitat 67 Montreal

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

This museum is one of the most renowned and oldest museums of art in Canada. The foundation of such a museum was a generous donation from one of the townspeople named Benayi Gibba in 1860. Today it contains:

  • Creations of ancient masters;
  • Contemporary art objects;
  • Engravings;
  • Paintings.

The museum has a unique collection of English porcelain, antique fabrics and the largest collection of unique tea boxes.

Opera House of Montreal

Contemporary opera house in Montreal (L’Opera de Montreal) is a very young building. It was opened in 1980, but for such a short history it has already been able to enter the list of fifteen best opera houses in North America. To date, more than nine hundred performances have already been staged through the efforts of both local opera stars and world celebrities.

Botanical Garden

The landscape diversity of Montreal could not but be concentrated in the unique botanical garden, which is considered one of the most beautiful sights of the city. The garden’s collection includes over 22,000 different species of flora in various exhibitions, shady arboretums and arboretums. More than thirty theme parks and gardens let you experience the full botanical diversity of Canada and the entire North American continent.

botanical garden montreal


Montreal hotels on the map


City of Hundred Bells - Montreal

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