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Discounts in the USA or what you can save on

Discounts in the USA or what you can save on 

About how often you can get discounts in the USA and California, in particular. Discounts in shops, museums, discounts on travel and discounts at gas stations, discounts for foreigners and discounts for students.

I decided to jot down a short post that Americans love burgers just as much. These are discounts. If you know some subtleties, you can periodically cut costs. Relevant for both permanent residents of the United States and for travelers.

You can save money in California on such things.

Student discounts

There are many student discounts available – in museums and in some shops. In museums, student ticket prices are indicated right at the ticket office. Discounts in stores are not advertised, but you should always ask – it happens up to 20%, mainly in large clothing stores. At the checkout, you will be asked to show your student ID, it is desirable to have the Student inscription in English.

Discounts for seniors

There are also discounts for retirees – in museums and on travel, but not everywhere. In stores – no.

Discounts for foreigners

There are discounts in large stores for foreigners – something similar to VAT refunds in Europe. For example, in the store there is a 10% discount – again not advertised. You need to ask about it – foreign visitor discount – and show your passport. Not all sellers know about it, if they do not know – ask the manager. You can also ask in other stores, but it is not guaranteed that there will be discounts.

Car rental discounts

If you rent a car, you can save a lot on gas, if you check prices at different gas stations – Google maps show prices. At one gas station, the price can be $ 3.50 per gallon, and less than a kilometer will be $ 2.75. At many gas stations, the price is 2-3% lower when paying in cash, not by card.

Taxi discounts

In case you need to take a taxi, it is better to take an Uber rather than a taxi – it is much cheaper.

Random discounts

Ask for discounts anywhere and anytime. Just like that, in 95% of cases they will say no, and in 5% they may throw off a little.

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