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Exploratorium (San Francisco, USA) – expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website.

Not boring science is the slogan of the Exploratorium Museum, located on Pier 15 of the San Francisco Harbor. Created by the genius of the famous physicist Franz Oppenheimer and opened in 1969, the Exploratorium simply and fascinatingly tells about the structure of the Universe, the place of our planet in it, as well as about the various achievements of mankind in understanding the world around us.

Oppenheimer laid the foundation for the museum with the joy of discovery and the delight of exploring the unknown. All the theories on which modern physics is based are literally sorted out here – that’s why Newton’s laws settle in memory from the first time, even if you graduated from school about thirty years ago.

In the South Gallery of the museum, you can touch everything with your hands: clock mechanisms, communicating vessels, steam engines and much more. The Western Gallery is dedicated to the phenomenon of human civilization. In the East Gallery, you will be told about all the diversity of life on planet Earth. And the Central Gallery will acquaint you with the amazing phenomena of sight and hearing: in a monochromatic room, for example, even the brightest colors become black and white.

Buy a ticket to the museum online…

Web site.

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