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Famous New York Restaurants NOT WORTH VISITING

Famous New York Restaurants NOT WORTH VISITING 

Often, when you go through restaurant ratings and reviews, you come to town and go there with inflated expectations. alas, some very popular New York restaurants are not only not worth your attention, but also leave a not very pleasant experience. So – Restaurants which in my opinion are NOT WORTH a visit. My personal blacklist includes:

✖️Ladurée New York Soho – world famous macaroons and desserts. There are no complaints about them. But everything else in this restaurant (they serve food here, unlike uptown) is not worth attention. Expensive and not tasty. Limit yourself to sweets and coffee.

✖️Nello is a glamorous and very popular restaurant that promises delicious food, great service and an unforgettable atmosphere. In fact, none of the above is there. Boorish service, average food and overpriced. One critic wrote that this is a restaurant “for rich idiots” ….

✖️Smith and Wollensky – Probably the worst steak house. Yes, you saw him in “The Devil Wears Prada” and “Wall Street Money Doesn’t Sleep” – advertising and nothing more. Overcooked steak, when asked for a substitute which the waiters look at you as if you were down – they say that you don’t want to eat coals? This is the most correct stack in NY. In general, no, no, and again no.

✖️ Jean Georges – 3 * Michelin and a complete disappointment. You will leave hungry (and it is not necessary to say that this is not true in all Michelin) and dishes that are of no interest.

✖️Trump Grill – It’s not about Trump, it’s about the disgusting quality of the food. It feels like they are cooking there from cardboard products.

✖️Russian Tea room is generally some kind of misunderstanding. Firstly, half of the dishes have nothing to do with Russian cuisine. Secondly, it is not tasty. And thirdly, many visitors note a very unpleasant smell in the restaurant itself. I don’t even recommend going to the “Russian” tea house for tea.

Although of course the taste and color, there are no comrades, and some of these establishments are to their taste, but nevertheless the list is compiled on the basis of my personal opinion and the opinion of my tourists and friends. Bon appetit and meals only in quality restaurants!

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