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For extreme to New York

For extreme to New York 

On the topic of extreme in New York.

The first is to swim in the Atlantic in winter. At Epiphany, the water in the ocean was + 5C this year, the air temperature was 4C, but taking into account the wind, it felt, as is customary with us, – 10C. While you are dressing, your fingers, like all limbs, become uncontrollable, as blood rushes to the internal, vital organs. In short, to put on socks and zip up, this is already according to Karbyshev, it is not realistic.

Probably the main extreme is bobsleigh in Lake Placid – a village in the state of New York, 350 km from the city. Capital of the 1932 and 1980s Winter Olympics. The length of the track is 2500 m with a vertical drop of 230 meters. And so that the speed of the bob does not reach 150 km / h, for non-professionals they use the last lower kilometer of the track. “Bob” is driven by professional pilots and you just have to experience vertical turns, such as “Labyrinth”, “Heart” and “Shady”, where impressions are higher than the roof. Moreover, this kind of entertainment can be obtained in winter and summer. In summer, instead of runners, beans fly in a gutter on wheels and already without snow.But the sensations are off scale all year round.

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