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Gas stations in the USA – How to use them and what are the prices for gasoline in America

Gas stations in the USA – How to use them and what are the prices for gasoline in America 

First of all, of course, you need to stop by a gas station. Prices at different gas stations located nearby may differ slightly, but not much. So choose the gas station that is more convenient for you (we are talking about tourists, not local residents with discount cards of any gas station).

01. We drive up to the column. Next, you need to choose whether to go to pay at the checkout, or pay on the spot at the column by credit card. For now, consider the option with a card payment.


02. Insert a bank card.

03. Here you need to remember that those cards that are considered debit in Russia, in America will be passed as a credit card. So we press “No”.

04. Since you have chosen to pay by credit card, you will need to enter the five-digit ZIP code, or the postal code of the US Post Office. The Russian index will not work, since it is six-digit, and you also do not have your own ZIP code (unless you are a local resident). Therefore, you need to try to enter 00000, 99999, or, more sensibly, take the first ZIP code that comes across from some advertising brochure. If, after entering the index, the system accepts it, you will proceed to payment. If not, you will be asked to enter a different ZIP code. After the third unsuccessful attempt, you will be asked to go to the cashier and pay there.

And the last point: each time you enter the ZIP code, the payment system, as a check of the correctness of the information you entered, debits $ 1 from your card, which, after confirmation, will be credited as payment for gasoline. However, if you still manage to find the ZIP code, you will simply be charged $ 3, and no one will return them in the future!

05. If you have accepted the ZIP code, then everything will be simple after that.

We take in hand a refueling pistol.


Click on the button for the fuel you want to fill. If you have a regular car, then feel free to choose 87 Regular. If you have rented a Ferrari, then proceed on your own.


06. Then insert the nozzle into the gas tank and start refueling.


07. After you have filled in a sufficient amount of gasoline, stop filling gasoline, put the fuel nozzle back in place, and you can leave. Your card will be charged exactly as much as you refueled.


If you still fail to find the required ZIP-code, then just go to the cashier and tell the cashier “Pump number ”. After that, the cashier will most likely ask for an advance payment. Then go to refuel, and if you refuel for a lower amount, go back to the cashier, there you will be refunded the difference.

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