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General Sherman tree

General Sherman tree 

General Sherman tree (California, USA) – detailed description, location, reviews, photos and videos.

The General Sherman tree is the most important veteran of the redwoods famous for their longevity. The age of the giant, growing in the National Park “Sequoia” in California, is 2300-2700 years. It’s amazing how much humanity has experienced over these centuries, and this giant just stood silently surrounded by the same huge brothers. But that’s not all. “Sherman” is the largest and heaviest living organism on Earth: some trees are taller than him, some are thicker, but in terms of volume it has no equal.

The trunk diameter of an 85-meter tree is increasing by 1.5 cm annually; there would be enough wood for a whole house.

Such figures do not fit in my head. The only way to appreciate the almost unearthly dimensions of giant sequoias is to see them with your own eyes. There are two paths leading to the tree, and the nearest parking lot is 0.7 km away. You cannot touch the tree, it is fenced off with a low fence, which will definitely not spoil the legendary photo of a man and a giant.

Practical information

GPS coordinates: 36.5848, −118.74984.

To get to “General Sherman”, you need to drive about an hour from the entrance to the national park.

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