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How and where New Years are celebrated in America

How and where New Years are celebrated in America 

How Americans celebrate the New Year, where to celebrate the New Year in America. I will briefly tell you about how and where the New Year is celebrated in America.

IN USA New Year celebrate less vigorously and on a grand scale than we are used to. Christmas is a much larger holiday here as it is in Western Europe.

But New Year also note that young people are more active. The main square on which they go in America is Times Square in NYC.

IN Las vegas go out to main street – strip watch the fireworks, then go back to the clubs.

IN San Francisco go out to Embarcadero embankment watching fireworks is a cool sight against the backdrop of the Golden Gate Bridge.

IN Los Angeles There is no single collection point on New Year’s Eve – the city is too large and stretched out. In the past few years, a light show has been organized on city ​​hall building, but few people gather there.

Many go to the warmth for the holidays – for Caribs from the east coast and to Hawaii from the west. On New Years Caribbean and Hawaii – high season with peak prices. In general, young people on New Year’s Eve prefer to hang out in clubs and bars, middle-aged and older people often just sit at home.

To go on New Year’s Eve from one friend to another, then to the second, and so on is a rarity here and such a tradition does not exist. They often do without even a gala dinner, especially for young people in clubs. A feast in the States is held for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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The best option, if you have money and time allows, is to go with your beloved to the Caribbean. If you are planning to celebrate New Year in the States, then New York if you are on the East Coast or San Francisco if you are traveling along the West Coast of America. Los Angeles is not the best option to celebrate the New Year.

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