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How to choose travel insurance in the USA?

How to choose travel insurance in the USA? 

There is a widespread belief that it is much more profitable for a tourist in the United States to buy local American insurance, they say, with such insurance, you will be provided absolutely free of charge with the best clinic for the treatment of exacerbations of your chronic diseases, and with a policy of a Russian insurer, you will have to travel with a temperature to the clinic 100 miles away, and then the insurer will also refuse to pay for your treatment, and you will be left alone with a bill of $ 50,000.

In fact, everything is a little different, and there is little point in buying American insurance for ordinary tourists.

At first, they usually cost much more. Yes, they do not save on health, but still.

Secondly, their insurance is quite difficult to understand, as well as with the entire US medical system as a whole. In the contracts of such insurance, there is usually a lot of small print, in which, in fact, it is indicated when and under what cases you will be provided with medical assistance.

Thirdly, with American insurers, problems can also easily arise. Here is, for example, the most recent review of the large insurer International Medical Group:

The woman came to the United States for a visit and consulted a doctor with a cough, spent $ 1000 on medications and visits to the doctor (at an insurance cost of $ 1000), but the insurance company refused to reimburse, since allegedly her cough is not a new disease, but the development of some then chronic diseases. This is how it happens!

As for the Russian insurers, for a long time already, tourists who seek honey have special problems. help abroad does not arise. The only thing to remember is that insurers are very picky about chronic diseases, and if you have any (with the risk of exacerbation), then you need to buy the appropriate policy. But the usual medical care will be provided to you and reimbursed without any questions.

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