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How to get from the airport to Manhattan – taxi, shuttle, express bus, subway

How to get from the airport to Manhattan – taxi, shuttle, express bus, subway 

The US has a very developed public transport system. It:
buses (city and intercity);
electric trains and long-distance trains;
there is even a funicular in New York));
and in San Francisco – tram;);

Because I live in New York, then, of course, I will talk more about it. But I think in other states and cities there will be only minor differences: price, modes of transport, etc. So, let’s start with the fact that you arrived in the USA and you somehow need to get to the hotel. In New York, you can do this in a variety of ways. By the way, these options work both ways;) i.e. both FROM the airport and to the airport.

1. Taxi

Perhaps the easiest way to get from point A to point B. Each airport has a special place where you can take a taxi. As a rule, a pointer to this place is in the terminal building and on the street. But you can always ask if you suddenly did not find such a pointer.

Cost $ 60 (from / to JFK) $ 40 (from / to La Guardia). It is always fixed, no matter which part of Manhattan you need to get to. But if you need to go to Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx or to some other area of ​​New York or to another city, then the cost will already be “by the meter” (we will talk about the cost “by the meter” a little later). The price includes: travel, the cost of the tunnel / bridge (depending on the route chosen by the driver), taxes and fees, tips.

The most interesting thing is that in a taxi you can pay with a credit card. In my opinion, this is very convenient;) Especially in the case of taxi drivers who are quirky, who sometimes say that they have no change, as a result you pay more than you could and expected.

As a kind of taxi, I would also consider the services of Uber. The company is rapidly gaining momentum. It is very common in New York. And, in the case of yellow taxis, you can catch it (especially in midtown Manhattan) for up to 15-20 minutes. Uber picks you up within 5 minutes. At the same time, you can immediately see the estimated travel time and cost in your mobile application.

Speaking of cost, Uber is much cheaper than a regular taxi. BUT, for example, friends before me once drove from JFK airport (there was no way to meet them), they paid $ 3-4 more than I usually get home by taxi, including tips. You don’t tip at Uber.

Estimated travel time 40-60 minutes (it all depends on the state of the road and the route chosen by the taxi driver)

1.1. Shuttle

I will not say that this is public transport (well, probably, as in the case of a taxi), but it is also a very common way to get from / to the airport.

The cost is $ 25.99 (from / to JFK) $ 19.59 (from / to La Guardia), as well as the cost of the tunnel / bridge, taxes and fees, tips can not be paid))

You can book a shuttle ticket on the Shuttle Transfer website. When issuing a ticket, you must specify the airport, flight number and time of arrival, destination address, number of adults and children, amount of luggage. Then enter your credit card details and print your ticket.

Estimated travel time to Manhattan 40-60 minutes (it all depends on the state of the road and the route chosen by the taxi driver)

2. Express bus

A less comfortable way, but a budget one)) Disembarkation and landing is carried out at special stops, signs to which, as in the case of a taxi, are at every airport and on the street. Buses leave every 30 minutes. Opening hours: from 5 am to 11.30 am (perhaps the main inconvenience of these buses).

Cost $ 17 (from / to JFK) $ 14 (from / to La Guardia). But you can buy tickets in both directions at once, then it will be cheaper: $ 30 (from / to JFK) $ 26 (from / to La Guardia). The price includes: travel, Wi-Fi on board the bus, free transfer from the end point in New York (about them below) to the hotel, provided that it is located in Mid-Manhattan, namely between 23rd and 63rd th streets, well, already, all “beloved” taxes and fees, where without them))

Boarding the bus is carried out with pre-purchased tickets. How to buy? There are several ways:

issue them on the Nyc Airporter website (MUST print them at home);
– buy at the sales counter at the airport located immediately (as a rule) at the exit from the baggage claim area or next to the Information Center of the airport terminal;
buy from a company agent (you will always recognize them by their uniform: green coats in winter / white shirts in summer), which runs in the terminal building or in front of the entrance / exit from it. The express bus will take you to (and also from these points to the airport):
Central Station (Grand Central Terminal),
Central Bus Station (Port Authority),
Penn Station,
Bryant Park is ONLY from the airport.

Estimated travel time 60-80 minutes (it all depends on the state of the road).

3. Metro

The most economical, but also the most tedious way. As a tip, I can say the following: after a long flight, do not skimp and use the previous methods. The subway journey is very difficult, especially if this is your first time in New York. Figuring out where to go, in which direction to move, etc. Besides, there is nothing better than starting your New York vacation in a yellow taxi!

Cost $ 7.75 (from / to JFK). And so, the first thing to use is AirTrain (overground mini-metro). There are three of them in JFK: one runs between terminals, 2 others go to Jamaica Station:

find the AirTrain sign and follow the direction indicated;
take a train going to the city at the terminal station Jamaica (the direction of the train is indicated on the board);
at Jamaica station, go to the lobby at the end of the platform, where there are MetroCard vending machines and turnstiles;
purchase a MetroCard Pay-Per-Ride card with a nominal value of at least $ 7.75 from the machine (the cost of the card is chosen by the passenger himself in the range from $ 5 to $ 80);
with this MetroCard, go to the turnstile and insert the card into a special slot on its end (the card will first go inside, then come back), while its balance will decrease by $ 5 (the cost of travel to AirTrain). Now you need to decide on the destination address and choose the desired metro direction: E (from 59th Street to WTC), J or Z (via Brooklyn to Dyntown);
follow the signs in the desired direction;
to get on the metro, you need to use the MetroCard again, which you already bought with the metro ride ($ 2.75);
when you enter the metro, the most important thing is to decide on the direction (the station is NOT the final one);
follow to your station. Estimated travel time is 90-120 minutes.

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