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How to search for cheap hotels and other accommodation in the USA?

How to search for cheap hotels and other accommodation in the USA? 

As always, AirBNB came to the rescue. If you suddenly do not know what it is, then I will briefly explain: AirBNB is a service for renting apartments for tourists. That is, the same housing in which ordinary people live. And the main beauty is that the prices for such housing are much lower!

Especially, the prices will be low if you rent not an entire apartment, but one room. In this case, you can keep within $ 60-70 per day, which is very good. But even if you rent the entire apartment as a whole, you can find options that are not much more expensive, for $ 80-100.

Yes, of course, it is not cheap, but instead of a boring monotonous hotel room (most likely with a shared toilet and shower on the floor for this money) you will get an apartment with a kitchen and a bathroom at your disposal! And since you have a kitchen, you can buy groceries in the store and cook food at home without spending money on breakfast in a cafe.

Briefly about our experience: during our trip to the US, we rented rooms through AirBNB from hosts in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. And every time we were very lucky with the owners. It turned out especially well in San Francisco, where we settled on the second floor of a house in the Twin Peaks area, and the hostess cooked us breakfasts for free, took us to the subway in her car, advised where to go in the city, and generally had fascinating conversations with us about life in America and San Francisco.

There is one more thing: it is easier to find accommodation through AirBNB with the ability to park a car for free (this is very important for the USA).

If suddenly you are not registered with AirBNB, then here’s a good reason for you. Follow our link to AirBNB, register, and get as much as 2100 rubles, which can be spent on rental housing!

In general, we’ve sorted out the big cities, now let’s move on to the topic of finding housing on the road.

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