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Marine World Park in San Diego

Marine World Park in San Diego 

Park “Sea World” in San Diego, USA: detailed description, address and photo. Types of animals, excursions to the zoo, reviews of tourists.

The Marine World Park in San Diego, California, which opened in 1964, is today an animal theme park, an aquarium, an open-air aquarium and a marine mammal park. This park is part of the SeaWorld network, and it is equipped quite typical and similar to other parks in the chain: that is, so that you can spend the whole day here and want to come back the next.

The park is home to around 25 dolphins and has around 20 scheduled shows every day. In addition to these smart mammals, the Sea World also features polar bears, penguins, belugas, fur seals, otters and sea lions.

In addition, there are about 10 slides, playgrounds, shops, cafes and restaurants. Moreover, in the latter, you can have breakfast or lunch in the company of animals. Particularly appealing is the opportunity to become a VIP guest of Shamu orca while dining on the private patio by its pool.

Particularly appealing is the opportunity to become a VIP guest of Shamu orca while dining on the private patio by its pool.

More than a dozen expositions of the park allow visitors to get acquainted with the marine life in the world’s oceans. These are, for example, “Turtle Reef”, “Coral Reef”, “Encounter Sharks”, “Encounter Penguins”, “Dolphin Pool”, “Sesame Street”, “Animal Relations”, “California Tidal Pool”, ” Freshwater Aquarium “,” Pacific Basin “,” Shamu Aquarium “,” Wild Arctic “, etc.

A special attraction in the park is the Bayside Skyride cable car, built in 1967. It can be used to ride over Mission Bay in six minutes, land on the other side, and then return.

Sea World San Diego

Shows include performances of bottlenose dolphins and killer whales, domestic animals and exotic birds, as well as a musical show with dancing and a live orchestra, Sea Circus and special programs such as swimming with dolphins.

Practical information

Address: 500 Sea World drive.

Opening hours: from 9:00 to 21:00 daily. The opening hours and the schedule of the park change in different seasons.

Buy a ticket online…

Entrance: daily ticket – 93.99 USD, online – 73.99 USD.

Web site.

The prices on the page are for June 2020.

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