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Miami or Hawaii – which is better to choose for a beach vacation in

Miami or Hawaii – which is better to choose for a beach vacation in 

Today I will tell you which beach resort in the U.S. is better to choose for a vacation – Miami or Hawaii. To make the right choice, it is worth evaluating all the features of travel to America: how and how much to fly to the United States (direct flight or with a connection) and when there is a high season, what the weather, infrastructure and entertainment, where the good beaches are, whether there is beautiful nature nearby and interesting attractions, whether there is entertainment for family travelers with children. And finally, where is it cheaper to vacation – in Miami or Hawaii.

The main features of Miami

Miami is a huge city in the state of Florida on the Atlantic Ocean. The main beach resort in Miami is called Miami Beach. But it, too, is divided into several smaller beach resorts:

  • South Beach (the most partying – for young people and fun-lovers);
  • Mid Beach (a more relaxed, family vacation);
  • Sunny Isles (bohemian).

Important to know:

  • If you want to save your budget when traveling on vacation to the U.S., it is worth booking a hotel on Bookings yourself in advance, rather than contacting a travel agent, so as not to pay a large commission (up to 40% of the cost of your vacation).
  • In addition, in this case the card will be charged only after your check-in at the hotel.

The main features of Hawaii

Hawaii is a separate state within the U.S., which is geographically located in the center of the North Pacific Ocean. The territorial composition of Hawaii includes 5 large and several small islands, about which in short the following can be said:

  • Most tourists come to the capital of the state of Hawaii, the city of Honolulu, which is located on the island of Oahu;
  • Wealthier travelers prefer to vacation on the island of Maui;
  • The very rich settle on the island of Lanai, where there is only one exclusive 5-star resort – Four Seasons Resort Lana’i;
  • Lovers of exploring nature and living volcanoes choose the Big Island or Kauai.
  • As you can see, Miami and Hawaii are two resorts that will suit tourists with different desires and capabilities. The only thing they have in common is rather high hotel prices, especially in high season.

Holiday in Miami and Hawaii in the U.S. on the beach

Now talk about how to choose a place to vacation in Miami and Hawaii in the United States.

Beach vacations are good in both Miami and Hawaii. You can say that in Miami you get mostly quiet beaches with masses of vacationers, while in Hawaii the beaches are all different. There are crowded ones in Honolulu, there are secluded ones in other parts of Oahu or other Hawaiian islands. There are colorful beaches, there are private beaches where only hotel guests can vacation. And of course, it is worth knowing that there are beaches in Hawaii only for surfing or for sunbathing and swimming.

Where are Miami and Hawaii

  • Miami is located on the east coast of the United States, in the southern part of Florida. The city of Miami is located right on the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Hawaii is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, in the far west of the United States. It is the most remote state in the United States.

When to go to Miami and Hawaii

For a vacation in Miami it is important to choose the right time and season

It is important to know about the weather and peculiarities of its manifestation at different times of the year to choose a time for a vacation. Depending on the climate you can expect either an influx of tourists and high prices for accommodation, or empty beaches and good discounts on recreation and entertainment.

There are two distinct seasons in Miami:

  • The high season in Miami is winter (December, January and February), when frozen Americans and Canadians arrive there. The weather during this time is the best: the air is warm (but not hot) – up to 25°C, there is almost no rain, and the wind is not strong. The water temperature in the ocean is +24…25°C. This is the best time to go on vacation in Miami, despite the high hotel prices.
  • The second tourist season in Miami, when Europeans go to visit, is summer. The air temperature is stable – about +30 ° C. The water in the ocean warms up to +28…29°C. But you should keep in mind that in summer and autumn there is a lot of rainfall. It becomes humid – a real tropic! In this case the main blow occurs in July, August and September. Hurricanes are also possible in the fall. For this reason, Americans prefer to vacation in Miami in the winter.

The weather in Hawaii is radically different from the weather in Miami:

  • The rainy season in Hawaii is February and March. However, it rains much less in winter than in summer in Miami. Another peculiarity of Hawaii is that it can rain all day in the mountains, but it will be dry and sunny on the beaches at the same time.
  • The air temperature in Hawaii in summer is about +29 ° C and +25 ° C in winter. As for the temperature of the sea (more precisely, the Pacific Ocean), it is stable in summer and winter, about +25 … 26 degrees Celsius. However, at night it gets much colder, in winter it can be as low as +18 degrees!

So it is clear that the best way to go to Miami is to vacation in the winter. In summer on the beaches of Miami is also not bad, but we must consider the risk of frequent rain.

But it is common to go to Hawaii to vacation in the summer, but you can also at any other time of year except February and March.

Hotels in Miami and Hawaii

No need to worry about hotels in Miami resort areas: there are plenty of them. The only problem may arise only one: how to choose the right one and book it in time for a good price before the best rooms are bought out by pre-prepared Americans. It is best to book a hotel room in Miami at least six months before the high season (winter) and 2-3 months the rest of the year.

To simplify your search for good hotels in Miami, I can recommend you to see my review of the best 5-star hotels on the ocean and for holidays with children, and in it you will also find a small selection of inexpensive hotels:


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Miami hotels – top hotels in Miami Beach with a good beach

With hotels in Hawaii to sort out will be a little more difficult, but still it is quite possible to do on your own. First you need to choose an island for your vacation, and then book a suitable room for you. Here are my picks of hotels and descriptions of beaches on different islands in the Hawaiian archipelago:


Best hotels in Honolulu, Hawaii (USA, Waikiki)

Best hotels in Hawaii 5 stars – review of the best hotels on Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Lana’i and the Big Island

Pros and cons of Miami and Hawaii

Are there downsides to paradisiacal destinations like Miami and Hawaii? You won’t believe it, but yes, there are. Now I will tell you about some of them, and you decide for yourself whether you can live with them. At the same time I’ll tell you about the bright side: the pros of American beach resorts.

Cons of Miami:

  • If you go to the beaches of Miami in the summer or fall, you can face rainy weather, which will not allow a full holiday. And what’s worse, you can get into one of the hurricanes, which lately often spoil your vacation in Florida. On the approach of a big hurricane, of course, warn in advance in all the media, but in this case, the holiday will be spoiled – 100%.
  • The humidity and heat make the rest in Miami in the summer sometimes unbearable. To avoid possible trouble, it is better to go there in the winter.
  • If you come to Miami, you should go there in the winter. So on the beach is sometimes forbidden to swim if sharks swim nearby.
  • In Miami, there are almost no special attractions, except for luxury mansions and villas of celebrities, stars and celebrities. To see anything interesting you would have to rent a car and take the kids to Disney World in Orlando or Key West.
  • As any other major city, Miami suffers from crime, and the streets are often homeless (as in Los Angeles). But as long as you don’t leave the tourist beaches, you’ll be fine.
  • The beaches in Miami are usually crowded. Therefore, many tourists do not leave the hotel at all, preferring to swim in the pool.

Pros of Miami:

  • The city of Miami itself is very green. The tropics!
  • The beaches in Miami are some of the best in the U.S., although I would say that Hawaii is better. But Miami has a lot of beaches for every taste. I repeat: South Beach is for youth and party people, Sunny Isles is for bohemians and lots of Russian speakers (by the way the sea is cleanest there), Mid Beach is just a beach, and Bal Harbor and Surfside are for families with kids.
  • Also in Miami, there is a club scene (like in Las Vegas) for all those who came to have fun and party. So you won’t be bored in the evening! But the sights there are not so much.
  • And here you can also surf (as if you were in Malibu), dive (like in the Maldives) and dive to shipwrecks!

Cons of Hawaii:

  • It takes a very long flight to Hawaii, so it doesn’t make sense to go there for a week or less.
  • Prices for all services are quite high, and all parking (even in hotels) is paid.
  • Alulas are there too, but very rarely come close to the shore.
  • On some beaches the entrance is difficult, and the bottom can be in coral debris and lava rocks. So when choosing a hotel in Hawaii, pay special attention to the presence of a good sandy beach and carefully read the reviews.

Pros of Hawaii:

The beautiful and unique landscape of coastal Oahu, Hawaii
  • All Hawaii islands are rich in natural attractions. The islands are very green and nice that there are mountains and volcanoes, tropical gardens and beautiful landscapes, observation decks with panoramic views of the ocean.
  • For those who like a quiet holiday in Hawaii, there are great places where you can just laze on the beach. The beaches are all different – with pink, black, yellow, and even green sand!
  • Hawaii is a surfer’s paradise (like Easter Island).
  • The unusual Polynesian culture attracts both ordinary tourists and fans of ethnography. Every day in Hawaii there are musical shows with world famous hula dances accompanied by Hawaiian Ipu drums.
  • Hawaii feels the presence of civilization in full measure, despite the fact that it is a remote island. Tourists do not feel the need for anything, unlike vacationing in the Maldives, where they are completely dependent on their hotel.
  • The underwater world in Hawaii is incredibly colorful. Experienced divers will find it especially interesting here.
  • Only Waikiki, the most popular beach, suffers from large crowds of tourists, and the other beaches of Hawaii are not so crowded. Even on the island of Oahu you can relax almost alone, for example on the beautiful Lanikai Beach.

Miami or Hawaii – which should I choose?

The main difference between a vacation in Hawaii and a trip to Miami, it seems to me, is the overall atmosphere.

  • If you like to party and dance in clubs, ride in a convertible and show off your success – you’re better suited for Miami.
  • If you want to have a vacation with kids on a nice beach with excellent service and not to have to worry too much about a flight – that’s also Miami. If you are ready to suffer through cramped air travel for the sake of a memorable family vacation with kids, then you’re going straight to Hawaii.
  • Hawaii will also be appreciated by those travelers who prefer every time to go to some unique place with distinctive history and culture. Miami in this sense is more understandable and similar to other beach resorts in Europe and the U.S.
  • If you like outdoor activities – then go to Hawaii for sure. In addition, this trip can be well combined with a visit to California, to see Hollywood, to visit the most famous national parks. And if on the contrary, you want to spend the whole vacation just lying on the beach, then your obvious choice – Miami.
  • As far as vacation budgets in the U.S., in Miami you can find not very expensive, but very decent hotels for recreation on the beach (from $ 180 for a room for two persons a night). But in Hawaii, these hotels are only on Waikiki (good and not very expensive). But the flight there will be much more expensive than on the East Coast. Another important cost item depends on the prices in cafes and restaurants, as well as the cost of food and drinks in stores. In my experience, both in Miami and Hawaii, you can eat at expensive establishments, as well as find inexpensive options – it’s all there in huge quantities, just choose.
  • And finally, if you like the Latin American rhythms – you should choose Miami, and if the leisurely tunes of the Polynesian guitar and hula dancing, then fly to Hawaii.
  • And most importantly, if you have a vacation in winter, choose Miami, and in summer – Hawaii.

So, have you chosen the perfect place for your beach vacation in the U.S.? Then it’s time to think about the hotel!

Where to book a hotel in Miami and Hawaii

When choosing a hotel in Miami and Hawaii on your own, it is better to see in advance what bargains are currently available in the booking systems. Since there are many hotels in Miami and Hawaii, the best way is to use, which guarantees the lowest prices and does not charge extra fees as travel agents do.

The advantages of making your own hotel reservation for your vacation in Miami or Hawaii:

  • You can choose the right hotel for you quite easily by reviews and ratings, as well as by price category and level of service.
  • Personally I like very much because there are often very big discounts (up to 70%), which are valid only if you book hotel rooms via them in advance. So I always book hotels there in advance.
  • And by the way, if you do not have time to book a hotel in the U.S. in advance, no problem. Because just before check-in (1-3 days) the remaining free rooms are also often heavily discounted from the base price.
  • It is important and that no deposit for booking will not be written off the card. So you can order any hotel room, and pay only when checking out, except for very rare cases when the promotional hotel price is so low that it requires mandatory payment and is not expected to cancel check-in.

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