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Mojave (California, USA) – detailed description, location, reviews, photos and videos.

The Mojave Desert is considered a symbol of the South of the United States. Sometimes it is called “Sugar of the New World”. Cowboys once roamed here, shooting at each other and looking for gold. As a result, Las Vegas was built nearby.

The desert covers three states and part of Mexico, where it connects with the Sonoran Desert. Here is a hellishly hot “Death Valley”. And the writer Stephen King put a hole in time over the Mojave, where the heroes of his story “Langoliers” fell.

How to get there

The closest city to the Mojave that receives flights from Russia is Los Angeles. Only Aeroflot’s liners fly directly. Easier to get to the Mojave from Las Vegas, where you can fly from the same Los Angeles in an hour.

Find flights to Sacramento (closest airport to California)

Flora and fauna

It is difficult to enjoy the Mojave flora because it is not for everybody. The tree-like yucca, creosote bush and numerous cactus species are found here. In addition to perennial plants, annual species and ephemeroids are waiting in the wings in the Mojave. These are the seeds that come alive after the rain. True, not for long. But thanks to them, the desert is transformed literally overnight, becoming covered with colored spots and bright orange patterns.

The fauna of the Mojave, like the vegetation, has adapted well to the harsh conditions. Birds, various insects, snakes and lizards live here. Some species of mammals are mainly nocturnal – they wait out the heat of the day in underground burrows and come to the surface only at night, when the temperature drops sharply. In the desert, you can find koits, iguanas, turtles, hares, goats, pumas, tarantulas, scorpions, foxes and other animals.

Mojave Desert

Mojave cities

There are amazing empty cities in the desert – they are called ghosts. Once upon a time life was in full swing here, but then the settlements became empty due to the fact that new highways began to be built around them. In fact, the local authorities have forgotten about these cities.

One of the largest such settlements is called Kaliko – its inhabitants worked in silver mines. There is also the abandoned Kelso train depot.

Well, the largest and not at all abandoned cities in Mojave are Las Vegas and Palmadel. There are also a few smaller towns, but they do not attract a big attraction.

  1. See the thermometer – it is the highest in the world, reaching 40 meters. The thermometer is located off I-15 in the Baker area of ​​California.
  2. Go to a telephone booth – it was installed in the desert in the 60s of the last century. This is perhaps the most secluded telephone booth in the world. It is 24 kilometers away from the nearest highway. Fans of the booth know the phone number and call them in hopes that someone will answer. Or they themselves are going to Mojave, waiting for a call.
  3. Hear the sands singing – the Mojave has the humming dunes of Kelso. When crumbling, sands emit a loud low sound that lasts 15 minutes. This rumble instilled fear in the inhabitants of the desert and became the source of legends.

Guides in California

Mojave attractions and attractions

Several interesting sights of the desert that will surprise every tourist.

Death Valley

This part of the desert is called so because in summer it has a normal temperature of 52 degrees Celsius. The Indians called it the “Burning Land”. Indeed, it is physically impossible to walk in Death Valley from June to October. Flies do not fly here, and lizards lie on their backs and cool their paws.

In one hour of stay in Death Valley, a person loses 1 liter of water. Dying here from dehydration is as easy as shelling pears.

Cosmodrome and airports

Mojave has two airports. Airplanes that once operated commercial flights are brought here. The liners just stand in the heat and wait for their fate. In some ways, this accumulation of equipment resembles an operating airport terminal, only no one in a nasty voice announces the arrived flights.

Interestingly, most of the planes came here after the September 11, 2002 terrorist attack. Then the airlines went broke every day and sent fit liners to the parking lot.

Joshua Tree National Park

This park was created in order to preserve the flora of the desert, which is severely affected by drought. At first glance, the desert seems gloomy. However, after a few minutes, you should be able to discover a ton of interesting things.

On the territory of this park, archaeologists find artifacts that indicate that people began to inhabit this territory during the Ice Age. For example, the Pinto Indians lived here – until the rivers dried up and the area turned into a desert.

From the first white settlers in the national park, there are mines and deep wells. One of the attractions of Joshu-Three is the short-leaved yucca plant. Locals call it the tree of Joshua. On the territory of the Mojave in the Valley of the Queen and the Valley of the Lost Horse, there are entire yucca forests. This plant lives up to several hundred years, producing beautiful white flowers from February to April.

Lake Mead

It is the largest reservoir in the United States. The lake supplies water to all of Southern California and Nevada. The famous Hoover Dam was built here, which protects the territory from the exit of the lake.

Millions of tourists come here year round to go boating, water skiing, fishing, sunbathing. There are many picturesque coves with rocky shores and sandy beaches. In the lake, when the water subsides, islands periodically appear. A beautiful addition to the landscape is the botanical garden, where trees, cacti and shrubs grow.

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