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Napa Valley

Napa Valley 

Napa Valley (California, USA) – detailed description, location, reviews, photos and videos.

The main wine-growing region of the United States and one of the world’s most famous places for perfect grape growing, the picturesque and fertile Napa Valley stretches across the vastness of Northern California. In total, there are 14 thousand hectares of vineyards, several dozen large and four hundred small wine farms. The aromatic and full-bodied wines of California are popular not only in America, but also abroad – bottles with the mention of Napa can also be found in Russian enoteca. You can see firsthand how grapes are grown and wine is produced during excursions in the Napa Valley. And among other things, there are a lot of gourmet restaurants, its own gastronomy school and a whole bunch of spa centers that work, as you might guess, on grapes.

How to get there

The main cities of the Napa Valley are Napa proper, Yountville, Oaquville, Rutherford, Saint Helena and Calistoga. You can get here from the cities of “big” California: San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose and Sacramento; it is preferable to use road transport. From San Francisco, for example, it takes about an hour and a half along scenic Highway 37 across the Golden Gate Bridge.

A visit to Napa wineries costs about 13-20 USD per person, tasting is included, but certain wines can only be tasted for an additional fee. Prices on the page are for November 2019.

What to see

“Chateau” of all historical periods, sizes and varieties of products – the main subject of tourist interest in Napa, although, of course, the fantastic beauty of the landscapes deserve no less attention. Wineries here are gigantic, real “medieval” castles, and exclusively chamber, home. Where to stay is just a matter of your choice.

Each winery (of those who agreed to receive tourists) conducts a half-hour tour of its premises: the actual production workshops, cellars and tasting rooms. A visit costs about 13-20 USD per person, tasting is included, but certain wines can only be tasted for an additional fee. In the store at the “chateau” you can buy the goods you like and even “register” it here, for which there are recreation areas with benches and barbecues.

At the Napa Valley Information Center, you can get a map of the region showing all open-to-visit wineries and the wines they produce, as well as a brochure with discount tasting coupons.

Tour of Napa Valley

Excursions in Napa Valley

There are a number of travel agencies in the Napa Valley offering guided tours of the vineyards by car, bike or on foot. Usually the programs start in Napa and last about 6 hours, during which tourists visit 4-5 wineries and admire the picturesque countryside. A number of travel agencies arrange tours directly from San Francisco and other cities in California.

Napa Wine Train

The Napa Wine Train is a sophisticated, if expensive, way to see the valley. The three-hour journey in restored Pullmann cars from the early 20th century covers about 70 km of a scenic route among vineyards. During the journey, passengers are treated to gourmet cuisine and the finest local wines, and are entertained with tales of wine making and the history of the Napa Valley. You can simply take a sightseeing trip by train or complement it with a visit to one of the wineries – there is a large number of “tailor-made” tour packages to choose from.

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