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Old Town San Diego

Old Town San Diego 

Old City of San Diego (San Diego, USA) – description, history, location, reviews, photos and video.

It is the oldest neighborhood in San Diego and the site of the first European settlement in what is now California. In the Old Town there is the State Historical Park of the same name, as well as the Presidio Park. Both parks are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. And in 2005 and 2006. California State Parks has declared Old Town San Diego Historic Park the most visited state park in the state.

Old Presidio Park is located on the site of the former San Diego Mission, founded in 1769. In 1773, the mission moved several miles upriver, while the Presidio Hill fort remained. It was created in order to defend against the attacks of Indians and invasions of foreigners, but when the need for such protection disappeared, the townspeople began to move to the Old City at the foot of the hill and the fort was abandoned. By 1835 it was in ruins.

San Diego Historic Park was created to commemorate the early history of the city, and features many old buildings dating from 1820-1870. the buildings.

In 1907, George Marston, a wealthy department store owner and renowned citizen, bought the hill specifically for the purpose of building a historic site. He first built a private park with the Serra Museum on site in 1925, and in 1929 donated the park to the city. Today, visitors to Presidio Park can enjoy views of the city, the San Diego River Valley and the Pacific Ocean during picnics and lawn games.

On the site of the current park, Presidio Junipero Serra planted a palm tree when he arrived here in 1769. The landing site was declared a historical landmark.

San Diego State Historic Park was also created to commemorate the early history of the city, and features many old buildings dating from 1820-1870. the buildings. The park was founded in 1968. The houses that survive here include a school building, a blacksmith’s shop, the office of the first San Diego newspaper, a tobacco shop, private homes and gardens, and a stable with a collection of carriages. In addition, there are restaurants, shops and museums in the park.

Old Town San Diego

The number of museums in the Historical Park is impressive. For the most part, these are original buildings in which ethnocultural exhibitions are open. For example, “Casa de Estudillo” (built in 1827); Casa de Macado y Silvas (1840); Colorado House (hotel, renovated in 1850, which today houses the Wells Fargo Historical Museum with a reconstructed 19th century telegraph office); the building of the first court of San Diego (mid-19th century), Johnson House (office building of the mid-19th century, later – the house of George Alonso Johnson). Excursions with costumed volunteer guides are held on a regular basis throughout the territory.

Practical information

Old City San Diego is bounded by Interstate 5 in the west, Mission Halls in the east, Bankers Hill in the south, and Interstate 8 in the north.

The transit center of the Old Town Historical Park can be reached by trolleybus, bus and Coaster train.

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