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Redwood National Park

Redwood National Park 

Redwood National Park (California, USA) – exact location, interesting places, inhabitants, routes.

Ocean waves, giant trees, fern thickets and flowering hills – such a planet was thousands of years ago, and this is how it can be seen today in Redwood National Park. The tallest trees of the Earth grow here – evergreen sequoias, the reddish wood of which the reserve owes its name. It was created in the middle of the last century to preserve the fantastic forests that have been mercilessly cut down for over 100 years. But “Redwood” is not only sequoias: on an area of ​​560 sq. km, a variety of ecosystems coexist – from dense thickets of salt-tolerant spruces to sunny prairie meadows.

What to watch

In the pristine world of the coniferous rain forest, powerful trunks go into the heavens, and the sun’s rays hardly break through the morning fog. The sea air and high humidity made the park an ideal place for forest giants – in natural conditions, sequoias grow only here on the Pacific coast of California, although they once covered almost the entire land.

The oldest sequoias in the park are more than 2000 years old, the tallest ones rise more than 100 m above the ground.

There are dozens of hiking and cycling trails in the reserve, paths leading to freshwater lakes, the Golden Cliffs beach, oak groves, river banks and streams. Almost 300 species of birds are found in these mysterious forests, rare Roosevelt deer, elks and bears come out on the road, and in winter gray whales swim to the shore.

The weather on the coast is changeable and unpredictable, so it is worth bringing a raincoat with you and wearing sturdy boots with non-slip soles: it becomes very slippery after rain.

Practical information

Address: Redwood National and State Parks, 6X7W + 74 Oric, California. Website (in English).

How to get there: from Crescent City by car or bus number 20 from the Cultural Center stop.

Working hours: round the clock; park information centers are open from 9:00 to 17:00. Free admission.

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