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Ripley Museum “Believe it or not!”

Ripley Museum “Believe it or not!” 

Ripley Museum “Believe it or not!” (San Francisco, USA) – expositions, opening hours, address, phone numbers, official website.

San Francisco’s most remarkable and bizarre museum is named after Robert Ripley, an American traveler, writer, artist, and collector. Mr. Ripley has literally traveled half the world and tried to bring the most amazing, incredible, mysterious, and sometimes repulsive things from everywhere. As the official slogan of the museum says, this is the only place in San Francisco (and, presumably, in all the United States) where you can see a dried female torso, a mummified leg of an Egyptian mummy, paintings made from tape recorders, and an elephant with two trunks.

Ripley Museum “Believe it or not!” located on two floors and covers a total area of ​​over 1000 sq. m. The exposition is divided into 17 thematic galleries and has about 400 artifacts. Here you can take a picture next to wax copies of the tallest man on the planet and a three-legged musician, see the mummy of a mermaid from Fiji (in fact, it is nothing more than a monkey’s head worn on a fish skeleton) and delve into the technology of making dried human heads. Children will love the Mirror Maze and the Laser Race.

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