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20 popular attractions in Alaska 

The largest and most northern state in the United States. Moreover, it is separated from the rest of the country. Alaska consists not only of the mainland, but also of a large number of islands. These lands once belonged to the Russian Empire, and traces…


Top 25 Las Vegas Attractions 

Glittering with neon signs, Las Vegas has long become the largest tourist destination in the United States. Here passion and luxury reign supreme, casinos work 24 hours a day, and an endless stream of shows and entertainment captures the tourist headlong. It is not for…


25 top attractions in Philadelphia 

Philadelphia was founded by representatives of the Christian Quaker movement on the site of an old Swedish settlement. In the first years of the city’s existence, immigrants from different European countries arrived here. Within 100 years, the city has become one of the largest North…


Seattle’s 25 top attractions 

Modern, dynamic and glittering with glass, Seattle’s skyscrapers are pinned to Eliot Bay by a chain of Cascade Mountains. Magnificent views of the bay and a mesmerizing panorama of the city landscape against the background of snow-capped peaks open from the numerous observation platforms of…


20 top attractions in San Diego 

San Diego is located near the Mexican border, on the Pacific Ocean. The city has a unique Spanish-American flavor, which attracts a considerable number of tourists here. There is a fairly mild climate, excellent beaches and an incredible number of natural attractions. What are the…


Top 25 Boston attractions 

A symbol of freedom, a forge of professionals and an important tourist destination in the United States, it’s all about Boston. It was here that the flames of the American Revolution broke out, as a result of which one of the most powerful and prosperous…


Top 25 Miami Attractions 

Sunny Miami is not only a year-round seaside resort favored by celebrities since the first half of the 20th century, but also a key US economic center that plays an important role in international trade. The main tourist area of ​​the city is Miami Beach,…


Top 25 Los Angeles Attractions 

Los Angeles is a city of dreams, a “blue dream” of the young and ambitious, those who come here for big money and a vibrant life. This is a city of celebrity, total luxury and well-being. And it doesn’t matter at all what really lies…

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