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Toronto is Canada’s largest city 

Toronto is often mistakenly referred to as the capital of Canada, like Sydney in Australia or Istanbul in Turkey. Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that the capital of a modern developed state is quiet and cozy Ottawa, and not the dynamic cultural and economic…


Mexico City – a city of amazing diversity 

The capital of the Mexican state is simply shrouded in numerous sights, legends and the atmosphere of the mysterious overseas culture. This is a rather controversial city with its very unsightly sides and historical beauties intertwined in a single rope of a turbulent metropolis. There…


Alcohol in the big city 

About alcohol. In New York, this is Good, as if you don’t need to take. Tourists bring, as a gift, tricky vodka, exclusive wines of Russian distilleries, but we also have enough of them at reasonable prices. Cannedy airport duty free prices are comparable to…


City of Hundred Bells – Montreal 

Some seasoned tourists agree that Montreal is a reserve of French culture of the 17-19 centuries, untouched by European cosmopolitanism and multiculturalism. The old town, located on the banks of the picturesque St. Lawrence River, perfectly demonstrates the charm of France, transported to another continent….

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