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Tag: York


To New York for vivid impressions 

New York is a giant city, America’s greatest economic, political, financial and cultural center. It contains the most significant sights for the American nation, reflecting all that love of freedom and the desire for a better life that the first settlers possessed and which the…


For extreme to New York 

On the topic of extreme in New York. The first is to swim in the Atlantic in winter. At Epiphany, the water in the ocean was + 5C this year, the air temperature was 4C, but taking into account the wind, it felt, as is…


Famous New York Restaurants NOT WORTH VISITING 

Often, when you go through restaurant ratings and reviews, you come to town and go there with inflated expectations. alas, some very popular New York restaurants are not only not worth your attention, but also leave a not very pleasant experience. So – Restaurants which…


Secret bars of New York 

Despite the fact that Prohibition in the United States was canceled in 1933, there are still such places that are accessible and not known to everyone. Such bars are visited not only to try delicious cocktails, but also because it is interesting. After all, even…

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