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To New York for vivid impressions

To New York for vivid impressions 

New York is a giant city, America’s greatest economic, political, financial and cultural center. It contains the most significant sights for the American nation, reflecting all that love of freedom and the desire for a better life that the first settlers possessed and which the current inhabitants of the modern metropolis continue to cherish.

The stone jungles of this city are of separate interest, but even more attractive is their combination with completely heterogeneous structures of various architectural styles, which, nevertheless, look very organic together:

  • St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Rockefeller Center;
  • Central Park and Skyscrapers of Manhattan;
  • Grand Central Station and American Museum of Natural History;
  • Quarters Little Italy and Chinatown.

There are so many interesting things in New York that impressions are replaced by a kaleidoscope of color pictures, so be sure to take a camera with you in order to stop happy moments for centuries.

Radio City Music Hall

Truly one of the most famous places on our planet – theater and cinema in one place, an iconic concert venue and a place where you become stars. Very famous people in the 30s of the last century were engaged in the design and construction of the building. Donald Deco staked on a single style and design for the entire hall and art deco became it. On his part, it was far-sighted, because after several decades, it was art deco that became the defining style of the whole of New York.

Radio City Music Hall became a monster of show business and a huge entertainment center thanks to a friendly agreement, and then a merger of several companies and entertainment venues: the John Rockefeller Arts Center, a cinema owned by film mogul Samuel Rotafel, the young news broadcaster RCA. The grand opening brought the entire American elite to the city, but it was a failure due to an oversaturated program.

A year after the opening of the music hall, it was decided to organize permanent entertainment programs and show films. In the 80s, the theater premises were bought out for offices due to the difficult economic situation, but soon everything returned to normal. Moreover, now it was possible to enjoy the live performances of the musicians, which was to the liking of many visitors.

Nowadays, the Radio City Music Hall hosts social events and countless concerts, such world-famous awards ceremonies as the Grammy and EMTV Music Evards are held here. Thanks to the spacious hall, about 6 thousand spectators can watch the ceremony live, but that’s not all.

The main and unprecedented value is kept like the apple of an eye. This is a huge antique organ with 4,410 pipes! It was created for professional performances, but in the past it was often used for voice acting in silent films. Now he still gathers full halls of enthusiastic listeners. The most popular organ concert is held before Christmas and tickets must be purchased several months before the event.

St patrick’s cathedral

St patrick's cathedral

An equally famous neighbor of the Rockefeller Center is the neo-Gothic Cathedral of St. Patrick. It is located in Manhattan and occupies an entire block. The cathedral can accommodate 2,200 parishioners at the same time. The money for the construction of the pompous Catholic church was donated by wealthy parishioners, and only a small share of the expenses was covered by the flock. The main building was completed in 21 years, but the project was fully completed another 21 years later, when the Chapel of Our Lady was completed in 1900, although the second chapel appeared at a later time.

The monumentality of the church is striking:

  • 100-meter shining spiers (recently restored);
  • Nine-ton bronze doors;
  • Stunning English stained glass windows, which took 25 years to make;
  • Italian altars in chapels;
  • Sculpture of Michelangelo’s Pieta, three times the size of the original;
  • Bust of John Paul II.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral is an active center of the religious life of all Catholics, and on St. Patrick’s Day it becomes the center of New York: a festive Mass takes place here, and then a festive parade of “green men”. This is the name of the participants in the parade dressed in green – the color symbolizes Ireland and its main plant, the shamrock.

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden

When people say Madison Square Garden, they mean a grand sports and entertainment complex. It hosts international competitions in various sports, and trains the national teams of the national basketball and hockey leagues.

The sports arena was named after one of the US presidents – James Madison. The building has been rebuilt several times and its current location is far from where it was at first. Every year more than 300 events are held here, among which the most outstanding were the All-Star Games of the National Basketball Association, the Women’s National Basketball Association, the National Hockey League, the fights of the legendary boxers Mohammed Ali, Mike Tyson, Roy Jones. And also here in different years the final games of the Stanley Cup were held and wrestling shows are held.

The Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge

One of the calling cards of New York is the Brooklyn Bridge. It is one of the oldest suspended bridges and the first to be suspended from steel rods. The bridge, 1825 meters long, connects two islands – Manhattan and Long Island. Its construction took 13 years under the guidance and design of the Rebling family. It includes three spans and two Gothic-style towers, 83 meters each. Thanks to the towers at the time of the opening of the bridge, they were considered the tallest structures in this part of the world. At that time, for the construction of the bridge, utopian, as it seemed, but advanced ideas were used, which fully justified themselves over time, because the bridge is still functioning smoothly. Traffic on it is organized by six traffic lanes and one lane for cycling and for pedestrians.

Now the phrase “American Dream” acquires a completely new meaning, now for many tourists it means a dream not just to visit America, but to have time to enjoy its sights, absorb the entire volume of interesting information, and see all its beauty.


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