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Travel to one of the vibrant resort cities of Argentina – Salta

Travel to one of the vibrant resort cities of Argentina – Salta 

Argentina is a country of vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions. Everyone, without exception, falls in love with her at first sight. And one of the brightest resort places is the wonderful city, which has a sunny festive name Salta!

Here, under the crowns of exotic trees, amazing places are hidden, the beauty and picturesqueness of which makes the heart stop for a second, in order to then exhale “Ah!”

Getting to this place, you find yourself as if in another world, where the local population is ready to open their souls to you and share their riches. And there is something to share, and this is not only the beauty of the local landscapes, which the inhabitants of Salta cherish very much. This is also an interesting and centuries-old history, because the city was founded in 1582.

About the city

Salta is located in the northwestern part of Argentina and is the capital of the province of the same name. The full name of the city sounds like San Felipe de Salta, although at the very beginning it was different and very long.

The city and the province are spread out at an altitude of 1,187 meters above sea level in the Lerma Valley at the foot of the Andes. This geography has become the main factor in the formation of the climate.

Salta has a warm and dry climate. Even in winter, daytime temperatures are quite high. The average annual daytime temperature reaches + 28º. But the nights here are very cold almost all year round. Even in summer, the temperature drops to + 6º on average. In winter, all -10º can be, moreover, during the day on the thermometer + 35º. Precipitation in Salta falls mainly from January to February.


  • The season here falls in July-August.
  • You can also have a good rest in the off-season, starting from Easter week and ending in October.
  • But November-March are considered off-season months.

The official hotel base of the city is designed for almost 12,000 people. Therefore, you will definitely find a place!

Selection of excursions

So you’ve come to Salta! And where do you go, what to see? Here is just a small list of what to look for:

The main square of Salta is called Plaza 9 de Julio… It houses the City Council with the Museum of the History of the North and the Cathedral. Everything is open to the public, so come in – don’t hesitate. In the cathedral, pay special attention to the statues of the Virgin Mary and Christ. They are considered miraculous because they heal believers.

Plaza 9 de Julio

On one of the central streets of Caseros is the legendary Franciscan monastery… Its buildings are called “sonorous” from an energetic point of view. In this place, visitors are enveloped in an indescribable sense of calmness and tranquility.

Franciscan monastery

Do you like big parks? How do you feel about giant cacti? In the suburban town of Kafayate, there is a National Park called Los Cardones… Tourists come here to see with their own eyes huge thorny plants. And you can take vivid pictures and relax in nature in the National Park Talampaya

Los Cardones

If you chose April to visit Salta, then you will witness a grandiose carnival show that lasts a month. During this period, a festive atmosphere reigns everywhere, incendiary music is heard from everywhere and everyone is dancing, having fun, enjoying delicious food and wine, becoming spectators of various theatrical performances, visiting craft exhibitions and concerts.

In general, do not get bored!

What Salta cannot be imagined without

Each city has architectural sights and not only. And if you want to feel the taste of Salta, enjoy life in this wonderful Argentine city, then take note:

“Train in the clouds”… Many tourists come to Salta for this trip. Every Saturday, a train of 10 luxury cars departs from the city. The trip lasts 14 hours, and throughout this time the train will take you to the clouds. He rides over almost invisible steel bridges, over the most picturesque and deepest canyons in the world. Therefore, it seems that the train is floating on the clouds. And the journey ends at an altitude of 4200 meters above sea level in the city of El Tren a las Nubes, lost among the mountains.

Train in the clouds

Seven Colored Mountain… It is located in the suburb of Salta in the small town of Purmamarcayu. This truly unique place got its name due to the fact that in the rays of the setting sun it begins to sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. And all because of the high mineral content here.

Seven Colored Mountain

Water. All the water in Salta is unusual! It is rich in minerals. There are many rivers and lakes here, which are ideal for those who prefer active and extreme recreation, as well as fishing. And water from numerous mineral springs goes directly to the “Roman steam rooms” for which the city is famous.

Tango and Salsa… Dances with temperament, transmitting an incredible and burning passion that, like fire, flares up between people in love with each other. Everyone dances in Salta, as in Argentina as a whole, because it is simply impossible to resist the sound of live music. There are two types of establishments in the city where dancing is shown and where dancing is taught. Take your pick!

Empanadas… This signature dish is prepared only in Salta and is only served during a cafecito, a traditional dinner. Business to do, but no Argentinian will ever miss this evening meal. And of course, delicious Argentinian wine with a signature beef snack is served at dinner. Believe me, it’s delicious!

Hand-knitted sweater. This is something without which not only the city cannot be imagined, but it is also impossible to leave Argentina. Local Indian traders sell wool products with national ornaments in numerous markets. It is also interesting that the process of buying / selling is accompanied by a performance by a local and very colorful music band.

You can endlessly describe this Argentine city. One thing is clear, Salta is a dream, this is desire and passion, this is beauty and incredible emotions! You can’t resist, you have to go!


Hotels of Salta on the map

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