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Traveling in the USA – tips and life hacks for tourists

Traveling in the USA – tips and life hacks for tourists 

We all know that Russia is the largest country in the world, and to get from one part of the country to another can take from a couple of days to a week!

But the USA, judging by the map, is 3 or 4 times less, which means that the travel time should take much less.

In fact, this is just a cartographic hoax: the US is less than half the size of the largest country in the world! And for us, travelers, this means that it takes a lot of time to get from one point to another. And I’m not talking now about moving from New York to Miami, but about “short” transfers, such as San Francisco – Yosemite, which can easily take half a day.

It is worth not forgetting about another visual deception: in the United States, distances are measured in miles, and our European consciousness works in kilometers. When Google Maps gives you a path length of 250 miles, you can easily fool yourself into thinking that “it really isn’t that long, I can drive in 4 hours.” And only then on the way will the realization come that only 250 miles is as much as 400 km, which can be covered in 7-8 hours at best (in any case, we deceived ourselves like that several times).

Advice: it is better to plan your itinerary in the United States so as to keep the time spent in the car to a minimum. So you will not have time to get tired while driving, and there will be more time for tourist activity. In the case when you cannot do without long trips by car, it is better to leave early in the morning in order to get to the place you need in the afternoon.

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