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Twin Peaks Hills

Twin Peaks Hills 

Twin Peaks Hills (USA) – description, history, location. The exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos.

The Twin Peaks Hills in San Francisco is famous primarily for the iconic TV series from the 90s. Unfortunately, these mountains have nothing to do with the film, but there are always a lot of tourists on the “twin hills”. The most popular spot here is the Twin Peaks Observation Deck. From here, a truly gorgeous view of the city, valleys, mountains and a panorama of the water area of ​​the bay opens.

The main viewpoint of Twin Peaks is named after Christmas Three Point and is located on the northern hill of Eureka. The southern hill of Noe is no less beautiful, but it is much more difficult to climb it. There is a telescope on the observation deck, which anyone can use for free, and see what is happening on the main street of “Fran” Market Street.

On national holidays, when fireworks are held in San Francisco, Twin Peaks is literally overwhelmed with those who want to see the spectacle.

As for the weather, it is often foggy and quite windy, so dress warmly.

Practical information

How to get there: take the metro to Forest Hill station, from there take bus 37 to the final station – the bus stops right at the foot, and then on foot.

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