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Union Square in San Francisco

Union Square in San Francisco 

Union Square in San Francisco (USA) – description, history, location. The exact address, phone number, website. Reviews of tourists, photos and videos.

San Francisco’s Entertainment and Commercial Center Union Square is home to luxury boutiques from eminent designers, gourmet restaurants and trendy nightlife. If your goal is entertainment, you don’t have to leave the borders of Union Square at all: on its square you can find a pastime for every taste, because life does not stop here for a minute.

Union Square is the heart of the district of the same name. A vast area of ​​one hectare is occupied by street cafes and restaurants, and in its center there is a historical monument in memory of the US national hero George Dewey. And also Union Square is a paradise for shopaholics and theatergoers: on the sides of the square there are six megamalls at once, and two popular theaters “Frana” – Gehary and Curren are located within walking distance.

Once in San Francisco for Christmas, be sure to head to Union Square, which locals claim to be the tallest, lush and most luxurious spruce in the United States. A skating rink is opened on the square in front of the forest beauty, along the perimeter of which there are cozy cafes waiting for visitors.

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