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Winchester House

Winchester House 

Winchester House (San Jose, California, USA) – detailed description, address and photo. Reviews of tourists about the best entertainment in San Jose, California.

The Winchester House is one of the most mysterious places in America. More than one horror film has been shot about this gloomy mansion, it inspired Stephen King to write “Red Rose”. Now it is a popular attraction in San Jose, visitors of which are those who like to tickle their nerves and fans of chilling stories. The house is full of both obvious mystical details and mysteries that can only be learned by immersing yourself in its history.

And it began in 1881, when William Winchester, the son of Oliver Winchester, the creator of the legendary gun, later named after him, died. The invention quickly made seven millionaires, but it did not save them from leaving for another world. A huge fortune passed to Sarah Winchester, William’s wife.

The inconsolable widow left the forever gloomy Boston and went to sunny California. I bought an unfinished farm and started building an unusual residence that had been dragging on for 40 years in its place.

What to see

160 rooms decorated with mahogany are interconnected by a huge network of corridors. The four-story building strikes with extravagance – there are many dead ends in it, the doors on the third floor lead directly to the street, the stairs rest against the wall.

There are 13 steps on almost every flight, 13 windows in the dining room, and the stained glass windows consist of 13 elements. They say this is done on purpose to confuse evil spirits.

There is even a room for “seances”. Rumor has it that in the Winchester House someone’s footsteps are often heard, lights blink, doors slam, handles spontaneously turn, water starts flowing from taps. And sometimes ghosts appear in the evenings.

Practical information

Address: California, San Jose, S Winchester Blvd, 525. Website (in English).

Opening hours: from May to September: 9: 00-19: 00, from September to May: 9: 00-17: 00. Entrance: 39 USD, children 6-12 years old: 20 USD, seniors over 65 years old: 32 USD. An extended tour can be purchased for an additional 10 USD. The prices on the page are for March 2019.

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